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Dwight D. Eisenhower


Draw a line to match the beginning and end of each sentence.

Dwight's grandfather is made up of 47,000 miles.
To discourage Ike from reading about war his mother hid the books.
Ike worked in a creamery took place in Belgium.
Eisenhower was not accepted at the Naval Academy  to help his brother pay for college.
He attended the military academy because he was too old.
Mamie was from became President of the United States.
The invasion of Normandy an aristocratic family.
The Battle of the Bulge ordered schools to desegregate.
President Truman authorized the dropping of the atomic bombs on Japan.
In 1952 Eisenhower at West Point.
Brown versus the Board of Educatiion had the code-name Operation Overlord.
The interstate highway system was a Mennonite preacher.

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