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Vinci Tar Beach
Orlan Fiori di Como
Chihuly Composition with Red, Blue, and Yellow
Mapplethorpe  Demoiselles
Chicago Mona Lisa 1503-1505
Oonark  Number 14:Gray
Chagall Apollo and Daphne
Picasso Just want is it that makes today's homes so different, so appealing
Stieglitz  Philosophy, or school of Athens
Ringgold The Dinner Party
Hamiltion I and the Village
Delacroix Guemica
Duchamp  French performance Art
Polluck Fountain
Catlett Rodin with his sculptures
Botticelli Birth of Venus
Mondrian  Object
Gehry Guggeneim Museum, Bilbao, Spain
Picasso Liberty Leading the people
Steichen  Self-Portrait
Gogh Saturday night
Oppenheim The steerage
Raphael A shaman's Helping Spirits
Bernini Lucas II
Motley  Sharecropper
Polykleitos Black Venus
Saint-Phalle Night Cafe
Close Doryphoros

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