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The internet puzzle

Irina Trifonova

browse v a series of messages concerning the same subject
surf v a word or picture on a website or in computer document that will take you to another page or document of you click on it
web page n the first page of a website
hyperlink n Hypertext markup language
home page n to save the address of a page in the internet so that you can find it again easily
browser n all the information that you can see in one part of a website
bookmark v to spend time looking at web pages, following links from one page to another, just for pleasure
HTML n to spend time looking at web pages, following links from one page to another
domain n a computer program that finds information on the internet and shows it on you computer screen
message board n a part of internet address
thread n  to move information or programs from a computer network to small computer
download v a place on website where you can read or leave messages

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