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Linguistic and Figurative Terms

Match up the linguistic and figurative terms to their definitions.

Noun Marks used to break up sentences and help them make sense
Adjective A sentence where a main clause (makes sense on its own) is connected to a subordinate clause (doesn't make sense on its own)
Verb Describes something by giving it a human feature
Adverb A sentence where two main clauses are joined together with a conjunction (F.A.N.B.O.Y.S.) or a semi-colon
Simile Describes something by saying it is something else, without using 'like' or 'as'
Metaphor A person, place or thing
Personification Describes by comparing one thing to another using 'like' or 'as'
Paragraph A word that describes a noun
Punctuation An action word or a doing word
Simple sentence A word that describes a verb
Compound sentence Something you must have before beginning a piece of creative writing
Complex sentence A sentence that has a subject (noun) and a verb
Story plan A distinct portion of text dealing with a particular idea, usually beginning with an indentation on a new line

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