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Wordily Wise Puzzle


This is a puzzle for learning vocabulary words.

aloft Danger.
attain To reach; to arrive at.
buffet Not moving.
elude To remain in place over an object or location.
flammable To escape by being quick or clever.
hover Up in the air, especially in flight.
inflate Able to catch fire easily.
jeopardy To push or drive forward.
moor A piece of furniture with drawers and shelves for the display of plates, dishes, and bowls.
plummet Of the highest quality; grand; splendid.
pollute To fill with air or other gas.
propel To hold in place with ropes or anchors.
stationary To fall suddenly toward the earth or to a lower level; to plunge.
superb To make impure or dirty.
swivel  A fastening that allows any part joined to it to swing freely.

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