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Match the columns

After you match write sentences.

.Joselito´s Godfather is the Mayor.
.Father Christhoper  Charles Linbergh cruza el Atlantico.
Army lead by General Enrique Gorosteita They want to wreck the economy and bring our government down.
Father Vega says: "The Bible also says there is time for peace I would not fight".
Father Christopher says: "Even if I were young to be an altar boy.
His Holiness Pope Pio a monster
The holy services were suspended The "Cristeros" was the
The old man suggested Adriana an Are you a gardener there?
While Jose was sweeping he  economic boycot.
Father Christopher wanted Jose  and time for war".
Calles says:  condems the Calle’s law.
Adrina considers that Calles is likes chess.
Don Enrique  found Dr. Limon's watch.
Headline of the newspaper: was executed.
I saw you at church on August 1st.

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