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hemisphere Is water in the form of rain sleet or snow that falls to earth's surface
equator  Like trees regrow after they've been used ,
prime meridian Is low land that lies along the ocean or other large bodies of water.
continent It's a line that goes lateraly dividing north and south hemispheres.
relative location  Is a huge tropical with heavy rain and winds that can reach up to 175 miles an hour
gulf Is a deep narrow valley with steep sides
strait A natural resource that is limited
isthmus  Is the triangle shape land at the river's mouth
ancestors Is a narrow channel of water that connects to two large bodies of water.
landform A narrow piece of land that connects two larger pieces of land areas.
mountain range  Mostly flat lands that rises above the surrounding land.
sea level  The largest land areas on earth
piedmont Is a natural substance found in rocks
plateau The place a river begins
coastal plains A time of little or no rain
peninsula A part of an ocean or sea extending into the land.
basin  Is anything that makes a natural resources dirty or unsafe to use.
canyon Is low bowl shaped land with higher ground around it.
groundwater  Is the kind of weather a place has over a long time
source Is one of the shapes that make's up Earth's surface,like mountains,valleys,hills and plains
channel  The land drained by a river system is its...
mouth  Divides the earth into western hemisphere and eastern hemisphere and goes longitudinal
tributary Land that is almost entirely surrounded by water
river system  A river and it's tributaries make up a ...
drainage basin  Protecting natural resources and using them wisely
erosion A group of connected mountains.
floodplain An area at or near the foot of a mountain.
delta  Hemi means half like halfway between south pole and north pole
precipitation The place where a river empties into a larger body of of water
climate  They are non renewable like minerals from rocks
humidity Like to paper product and use them again to conserve wood.
tornado The wearing away of the earth's surface
hurricane The low flat land along a river
drought  A stream or river that flows into a larger stream or river
natural resource The deepest part of a river or another body of water
product  Is the amount of moisture in the air.
scarce Water beneath earth's surface it sinks into the soil
mineral  Is a funnel shaped spinning wind storm winds up 300 miles an hour
fuel Is something found in nature
conservation  Is a natural resource such as coal,oil or natural gas that is used to make heat or energy
renewable  Is something people make or grown usually to sell
recycle  early family members,great grand parents etc...
nonrenewable  Is the level at the surface of the oceans.
pollution When you describe where a place is in relation to other places.

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