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Discern Belives that selfishness motivates human actions
Contemptuous Unembarressed and shameless
Nonchalant To sabotage, weaken
Sardonic Public dispute, argument
Ambivalent  Recognize, distingushes
Convey Who brags about themself, exagerrated self-opinion
Cynic Expose falseness
Assert Proven to be wrong
Forbears Teaches/instructs you to do something that's not welcome or necessary
Unabashed A sudden change that's unpredicatable, unexplained and unusual
Earnest Privilage, entitiled to.
Controversy Positively state, declare
Advocate Done Openly and unashamedly
Whimsical Likes Mockery and sarcastic
Assess Showing that a person is wortheless and deserves hate
Anecdote Describe, shows in drawing or portray
Allusion Seriousness in intentions, effort and purpose
Aesthetic Agrees, same opinion
Arrogant Transport or make something known.understandable to someone
Undermine Concern/aprreciation of arts/beauty
Apathetic Short amusing and intersting real story
Concur Argument, debate
Dispute Mixed feelings and contradictory ideas
Provoke Supports or urge by argument; publicly
Contradict Proverty; Lack of food, shelter, etc/
Indigent Causes wonder, astonishment and admirastion
Blatant Stir up
Debunk An indirect reference, without mentioning names
Marvel Evaluate or estimate
Depict Feeling/appearing relaxed and unconcerned
Didactic shows no interest/concerns
Qualified hold back, withold

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