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Intro to Marketing Week 1

Gen Healy

Need A want supported by willingness and ability to buy
Want The attributes in an item that makes it capable of satisfying human wants.
Demand Advertisng, sales promotion, direct marketing, personal selling, public relations etc
Utility Coca-cola is avaialble in almost every shop that sells soft drinks
Form Utility List price, credit terms, allowances, discounts etc
Image Utility Channels, coverage, locations, etc
Time Utility Qualitites, features, brand, packaging, warranties etc
Possession Utility Owning your own printer so you don't need to use the Library printers for notes and assignments
Place Utility The reason people buy designer lable clothing
Exchange A state of felt deprivation
Demand Product, Price, Place, Promotion
Wants The form taken by human needs, when they are shaped by culture & individual personality
Marketing A pad of paper cut to A4 size with holes drilled on one side to fit a folder.
Product The pricing and distribution of products and services must match the customers’ expectations to create this
The marketing concept In marketing, most of these involve goods / services for money, but can also involve ideas for money, feelings for money or other support etc.
Marketing Mix Customer-oriented, co-ordinated marketing activities are seen as the means to achieving the organisation’s performance objectives.
Product Product and promotion are crucial to creating these
Price Whatever is offered in exchange by a firm to a market
Place Coles Online allow you to set a specific time of day for grocery delivery
Promotion All activities designed to generate and facilitate any exchange intended to satisfy human needs or wants.

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