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Harry S. Truman


Draw lines to match the parts of the sentences.

The "S" in Harry S Truman leaders of Great Britain and the Soviet Union.
As a child he wore glasses to Franklin D. Roosevelt.
When the family bought a piano drop the atomic bomb on Japan.
He loved his wife Bess because he was farsighted.
He owned a men's clothing store which was called a haberdashery.
Harry disliked Paul Hume from the time they were children.
He was vice-president because he criticized his daughter.
When Roosevelt died received supplies flown in by cargo planes.
In World War 2 Germany does not stand for a name.
At Potsdam he met with  surrendered before Japan.
Truman gave the order to  Harry learned to play it well.
The people of Berlin for a year Truman became the president.

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