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EOL Matching Puzzle

Madhavi Shah

1.Character a person,animal,or object who take part in a story
2.Minor Characters An evironmental force presents the problem
3.Round characters Time and place in which story is told
4.Character vs. Character The beginning
5.Plot The private thoughts of a character
6.First person is needed to uncover the theme
7.Setting  The character faces an uncontrollable problem
8.Character vs. Nature the character has a problem with the societal norm
9.Proof of P.O.V The writer allows the reader to draw his/her own conclusions
10.Indirect Characterization the narrator is not a character
11.Exposition Narrator is a character
12.Static character  Character has trouble deciding what to do
13.Third person limited  Narrator zoom in on the thoughts and feelings
14. Protagonist The storyline of a literary work
15.Point of view The elements of the story suggest the theme
16.Interpretation The angle from which the story is told
17.Character vs. Society What the character says and the tone he/she uses
18.Rising action Determine the P.O.V from the characters exact words
19.Direct Characterization The author directly tells the message to the reader
20. Antagonist The highest/turning point in the story
21.Characterization Main character
22.Major role how the character looks;his/her physical appearance
23.Characeter vs. fate/destiny the central part of the story
24.Actions Fully devoloped characters
25.Major character The narrator states the characters traits
26.Climax Folows climax
27.Stated theme  Character central to the plot
28. Third person limited The struggle between two opposing forces
29.Others the character stays the same
30.Thoughts  a central message, concern, or insight into life expressed in a literary work
31.Implied theme  Supporting role
32.Flat character the setting is not essential to the plot
33.Third person omniscient The way an author devolops a character
34.Character vs. self  Villain in the story
35.Appearance the plot would be drastically different if the time or place were different
36.Theme two characters in work or in opposition
37.Speech Mind reader character
38.Conflict Characters feelings, thoughts and appearance change throughout the story.
39.Falling action Underdevoloped characters
40.Dynamic characters How other characters fell about the character;what they say about the character
41.Minor role The end of the story.
42.Resolution What the character says or does and how he/she does it

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