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Fern - Spelling Words Week 2

The American English Learning Center

Name ______________________________

1Nervous _____Have alot of energy, want to finish things.
2Shy _____A form of energy used to make electric things work.
3Guilty _____You feel something is wrong but not sure why.
4Lonely _____Power from power plant used to make electric things work.
5Motivated _____A shape where two lines meet or cross each other.
6Embarrassed _____Feeling alone and sad.
7Afraid _____Coal, oil, natural gas made from plants and animals that lived millions of years ago.
8Suspicious _____Not sure of something, a little worried.
9Energy _____Shape like an egg.
10Solar _____Feel uncomfortable and weird.
11Oval _____Feeling bad because you did something bad.
12Hexagon _____Power from a powerplant that makes things work.
13Non-renewable _____A shape with 6 straight sides
14Quadrilateral _____Electricity made from water power.
15Angle _____Feeling that someone cannot be trusted.
16Electricity _____Very quiet and sometimes nervous.
17Fossil Fuel _____Will not be able to make more of it self.
18Hydroelectric _____From the sun.
19Renewable _____A shape with 4 sides such as a square.
20Electricity _____Can make more of it self.

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