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unook my nose part two


a final test of your witchy wisdom

confession new pagans
infidels ancient brits who worshiped old gods
heretics what witches being torture would produce
mallus maleticarium halloween to the ancients
printing press man who invented the printing press
guttenburg russian monk whom stalin hated
salem those who did not follow roman catholic teachings
spiritualism founded by allistair crowley
harry houdini church torture manuel
medium founder order of the golden dawn
order of the golden dawn those who worship allah
alistair crowley fair tale with a witch
Galileo attempt to talk to the dead
debunk magician , escape artist, debunker of magic
hitler locked up by the church for heresy
stalin german witch hater
rasputin site of notorious witch trials in US.
hansel and gretel pagan religious group
druid disprove
celtics belief all of a group of people are the same
stonehenge russian witch hater
sterotype invention of guttenburg
all hallows eve one who talks to the dead
neopagan druid monument

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