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1The three states of matter. _____g / mL
2All matter is made up of these. _____density
3Atoms in this state are vibrating in place and do not take the shape of their container because they have a strong attraction for each other and are held together in their lattice-work pattern. _____statement = _____
4The ability to burn. _____difficut to reverse
5The ability to dissolve in another substance. _____chemical change
6A change in a substance that does not involve the formation of a new substance. _____V = m / D
7A change in which one or more new substances is formed. _____a gas is produced
8What proof of a chemical change is represented when the liquid changes from clear and colourless to pink? _____atoms
9What proof of a chemical change is represented when bubbles rise to the top as the chemicals are combined? _____combustibility
10What proof of a chemical change is represented when the chemicals are added together and the beaker becomes very warm? _____pure
11What proof of a chemical change is represented when a white gooey solid suddenly appears floating in the liquid? _____heat is produced
12What proof of a chemical change is represented when the cooked egg can never go back to the way it was when you first cracked the shell open? _____solid
13The usit for density of a liquid or an irregularly shaped object. _____physical change
14The unit for mass. _____g
15The unit for volume. _____liquid
16This is a substance that is only made up of one type of atom. _____gas
17A measure of how much mass is contained in a given volume of a substance. _____given = _____
18The formula for findng density. _____a change in colour
19The formula for finding volume. _____solid, liquid, and gas
20The formula for finding mass. _____analysis = _____
21The information in a problem that is in the question. _____D = m / V
22What you are being asked to find out in the problem. _____a precipitate forms
23This is the equation formula you will use to solve the problem (find the answer).. _____solubility
24Here you substitute your numbers into the equation and solve it, showing your work. _____m = D (V)
25Finally, you answer the question that problem asked you by writing it as a statement (sentence). _____solution = _____
26Atoms in this state have broken their bonds but are still slightly attracted to each other, they take the shape of their container, and their speed of movement has increased but is not the fastest. _____mL or cm3
27In this state the atoms take the shape of their container, they do not have any attraction for each other, and are moving the fastest. _____required = _____

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