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CH 4 terms

1subsistence farming _____area between the Tidewater and the Appalachian Mtns. AKA the Piedmont
2relied _____farming for one's own needs
3triangular trade _____NY based alliance of Indian tribes
4middle passage _____the route of slaves across the Atlantic O.
5cash crops _____to sell abroad or to send goods out
6principal _____investors - people who buy expecting great future gains
7surplus _____citizen army
8tidewater _____ties, unions, connected by agreements
9backcountry _____EXTRA, more than enough
10overseers _____the next - the one who follows
11slave code _____the route of goods between Africa, The Americas and Europe
12successor _____crops grown for money
13export _____primary, most important
14import _____to bring goods in
15converted _____Rule governing behavior of slaves
16Iroquois Confederacy _____changed
17design _____colony run by the King of England
18militia _____chances for success
19alliances _____depended upon
20prospects _____plan to
21speculators _____Coastal Virginia, NC., SC., and GA.
22royal colony _____Slave bosses

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