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Chapter 4 Vocabulary

Mr. O'Neill

Sacred Heart chapter 4 word match

1crystal _____to replace or take the place of
2despise _____a brightness; a glow
3gulf _____forcing to obey
4appreciative _____clear; able to see through; a type of rock
5acute _____a hole
6trifle _____not understandable; elusive
7sheen _____having or showing gratitude or thanks
8volume _____to bend or move the muscles
9cavity _____a wide gap; large section of an ocean or sea with land around most of it
10consider _____of or relating to the body
11displace _____treat as unimportant
12solitary _____to not like something or someone
13physical _____bright; shining
14enforcement _____barely enough in size or quantity
15flex _____people in a royal family
16scant _____alone; single; isolated; lonely
17incomprehensible _____sharp; keen; intelligent
18nobility _____to make laws
19legislate _____to think carefully about something before making a decision
20radiant _____the space something fills; degree of loudness

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