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Ancient Egypt Vocabulary Matching

Ms. McKenna

Test your knowledge of Ancient Egypt vocabulary!

astronomy extra
papyrus the desert land in Egypt beyond the fertile land
surplus people who make things like furniture, jewelry, clothing, etc.
embalming paper made out of papyrus reeds and rolled into scrolls
linen process of preserving a dead body
polytheistic tool used to spread water over the land
shaduf trenches dug in a farming field that are designed to get water to all plants
Black Land Ancient Egyptian picture writing system
Red Land the study of the stars
hieroglyphics trading what you have for what you need
barter religion that worships many gods
irrigation canals the land in Egypt that was directly next to the Nile and was very fertile
survey profession that uses geometry to measure the land and set boundaries
artisans created by wrapping a body in hundreds of yards of linen
mummy lightweight fabric woven from flax plants

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