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1decimal point  _____ Two lines that cross over each other
2difference  _____ Numbers multiplied together
3place value  _____ The value of a digit based upon the place of the digit
4product  _____ A number that uses place value and a decimal point to show
5complimentary angle  _____ Answer to an addition problem
6intersecting lines  _____ Two angles that have a sum that equals 90 degrees
7perpendicular  _____ To rewrite a whole number to the nearest ten, hundred,
8protractor  _____ Answer to a subtraction problem
9rounding  _____ A number that has only two factors
10decimal  _____ The third place value to the right of the decimal point
11sum  _____ An instrument that measures angles.
12thousandths  _____ A dot used to separate the ones and tenths place value
13composite number  _____ A number with three or more factors
14factors  _____ Answer to a multiplication problem
15prime number  _____ Two lines intersecting and making right angles.

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