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Elements of Music

J. Davidson

Matching phrases to vocabulary word

1The tonal center based on the tonic (do) of the scale. _____piano.
2R&B, Gospel, Jazz, Classical, Folk...Each one is a different________ _____forte.
3The speed of the music is also called the___ _____polyrhythm (poly=many/multiple)
4Describes the qualities of a sound _____melody.
5Describes how many parts or "layers" there are to a piece _____tempo.
6The design or structure of a piece of music and its parts _____style
7Can be classified as either moving in twos or in threes or both (simple or compound) _____dynamics
8When consonant pitches are sounded at the same time it creates___ _____accent
9When music is divided into musical "sentences", each one is called a ___ _____ostinato.
10Describes the degree of loudness and softness _____rhythm
11The Italian term for soft is___ _____timbre (pronounced "tam-ber")
12Describes the way the beat is divided up into longer and shorter sounds _____staccato
13Describes how high or low a note is _____key
14Indicates how (with what degree of emphasis) the written notes are to be played _____form
15This word describes how high or low a note is _____harmony.
16The singable part of the music is called the___ _____pitch
17Many rhythms heard at the same time are called a _____meter
18A repeated pattern is an___ _____phrase.
19Describes a piece that has two sections _____binary (bi=two)
20The Italian term for loud is___ _____pitch
21Indicates to play the notes detached or crisply _____texture

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