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thanksgiving or mourning


a review of our vocabulary list for the week

pilgrims funny without intending to be
wampanoag english leader who signed with massasoit
thanksgiving gathered up
mourning as noun something which holds interest
persecution treating strangers and visitors nice
commercial authorized
hospitality  where the pilgrims lived prior to coming to the new world
constant holiday we just celebrated
virtues having to do with business
sachem made up of
amassed good things
treaty site where english robbed indian graves
curiosity not served with the first thanksgiving
consists the tribe that met the pilgrims
approximately where king phillips head was hung for twenty years
ironically all the time
official mistreating a group because of who they are
turkey chief
king phillip losing fight started by king phillip of the wampanoags
massasoit indian leader who signed the treaty
john winthrop indian leader who lost his head
plymouth close but not exact
cotton mather  legal document
king phillips war sadness after a loss or tragedy
corn hill  owned phillips head after he was done with it
holland english settlers in the new world

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