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Ms. Stoebe

Fiction - Biography - Poetry

Selznick The House Baba Built: An Artist's Childhood in China
Holm What Color is My World? The Lost History of African-American Inventors
Grahame Poetry for Young People: Robert Frost
Dubois When Bob Met Woody
Choldenko Science Verse
Abdul-Jabbar Book Speak! Poems About Books
Kalman My Name is Gabito: The Life of Gabriel Garcia Marquez
Golio The Twenty-one Balloons
Young Wonderstruck: A N ovel in Words and Pictures
Spielman Al Capone Does my Shirts
Krull Jim Henson : The Guy Who Played with Puppets
Brown Looking at Lincoln
Prelutzky Lunch Money and Other Poems about School
Salas Turtle in Paradise
Scieska Marcel Marcea : Master of Mime
Schmidt The Wind in the Willows
Shields I've Lost My Hippopotamus

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