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Japanese greetings


Match the greetings in Japanese to their respective English translation.

Good Morning Watashi wa Kanada kara kimashita
Hello watashi no namae wa... desu
Good Afternoon sumimasen
Good Night mo ichi do onegai shimasu
How are you? ohayo gozaimasu
Goodbye ogenki desu ka?
Very well, and you? Konnichiwa
please genki desu. anata wa?
thank you wakarimasen
you are welcome nihongo ga sukoshi hanasemasu
see you later o aide kite ure shii desu
its nice to meet you nihongo ga hanasemasen
whats your name? onegai shimasu
my name is Sayonara
i dont speak japanese o namae wa nan desu ka?
do you speak english? eigo ga hanasemasu ka
i don't understand doko kara kimashita ka?
excuse me do itashimashite
please repeat arigato
where are you from? Konnichiwa
I am from canada oyasumi nasai
i speak a little japanese mata aimasho

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