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Grade 5 Science - The States of Matter

Maciej Borucki

Vocabulary for the three stages of matter

liquid to heat water so that the temperature is 100°C
particle to cool water so it turns into ice
matter the amount of space matter takes up
liquid an extremely small piece of matter
solid these particles smallest unit of any chemical element, they can combine to form molecules
atom when water vapour cools down and it changes to liquid
molecule this state has a definite form and a definite volume
gas when ice turns into water
expand when two or more atoms join together
combine this state does not have a definite state or a definite volume
compress a physical substance
freeze to get bigger
evaporate to push something into a smaller space
boil a measure of how much matter there is
melt a substance, such as water, that is not solid or a gas and that can be poured easily
condensation to heat water so it turns into water vapour
mass oin together to make a single thing or group
volume although this state does not have a definite form, it does have a definite volume
element matter with only one kind of molecule
compound when atoms from two different elements join together

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