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Bible Men

Pastor Greg Lilly

See if you can match the right man with a clue about him.

Abraham Killed his own brother
Jonah The first man
Paul Moses' brother
Satan Swallowed by a big fish
Zacchaeus Archenemy of the believer
Peter He never died but God took him
Judas Iscariot God called him out of the burning bush to go to Egypt
Jeremiah Cried "Here am I; send me" to God
Isaiah The disciple Jesus loved
Solomon A great king who sinned against God
Rehoboam Spoke to the people of Shechem that his finger was thicker than his father's loins
Shem Baptized Jesus and made Herod mad
Aaron He was the son of Hilkiah
Adam The second Adam
Jesus Built the ark and saved his family
Bezaleel Told to flee from Sodom and Gomorrah
Moses Made the Ark of the Covenant
Enoch Asked God for wisdom
Pharaoh Short man who climbed a tree to see Jesus
Lot The Father of Nations
Noah Lived to be the oldest man in history
Cain Hardened his heart against God and endured plagues
Methuselah Denied Jesus
John the Baptist One of the sons of Noah
John Betrayed Jesus
David Apostle to the Gentiles

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