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Bible Books

Pastor Greg Lilly

Can you match the book of the Bible with the clue?

Acts Tells about the superiority of Jesus over all things
John Tells us about a Moabitess who came to dwell in Bethlehem
Revelation Instructions are given for proper conduct by the priests
Hebrews Written to impart wisdom by the man of wisdom
Timothy Tells about the things seen, which are and shall be hereafter
Amos Tells about the spread of the church after Jesus ascended
Daniel Portrays Jesus as the Son of God
Jeremiah Tells us about men and women who were put into office to purify the nation
Ecclesiastes Written to instruct a young pastor and strengthen his faith
Proverbs In this book three Hebrews are cast into a burning fiery furnace
Psalms Tells us that life is all vanity
Job This book shares the organization and disorganization of the first generation of Israel
Nehemiah This book contains a beauty pagent
Esther Written by a herdsman, not the son of a prophet
Ruth Written to a church with many problems including incest
Judges Tells us about a man God prized and the challenge of Satan to break him
Deuteronomy A series of songs written to impart joy
Genesis Jesus is portrayed as the Messiah coming to deliver his people from sin
Numbers This book shares the second giving of the ten commandments
Leviticus His book tells of judgment and he is known as the weeping prophet
Matthew Tells about the rebuilding of the walls of Jerusalem
Luke This is the book of the beginning of all things, except for God
Corinthians Contains a detailed account of the Christmas Story

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