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Lesson 5 & 6 Vocabulary

Match the word and its correct definition.

1survive _____- a small vehicle with four wheels in which different things are pushed around
2camouflage _____- extremely interesting and attractive
3conceal _____- to cover up carefully
4independent _____- stand behind others to wait for one's turn
5donate _____- things used to disguise or hide from others
6roving _____- having jagged edges
7mascot _____- to fall down very suddenly
8moist _____- being able to tightly grip something, like glue
9impressed _____- slightly wet
10fresh _____- traveling around, rather than staying in one place
11research _____- not relying on another or others for help or support
12sticky _____- recently produced or picked; not frozen, dried, or preserved in tins or cans
13successful _____- a plan or preparation for a future event
14fascinating _____- marked with lines because it is not ironed
15midst _____- winning or victorious
16wrinkled _____- being inspired; surprised in a positive way about an action or a skill
17shabby _____- having no job
18dazed _____- middle; center
19elevated _____- to try to discover facts about something
20jingling _____- to give without receiving something in return
21get in line _____- an animal, toy, or symbol that represents an organization
22torn _____- raised above the ground
23arrangement _____- too shocked to think clearly
24carriage _____- looking bad and in old condition
25arrest _____- ringing sounds like many small balls
26unemployed _____- to take charge of somebody and bring to the police station
27collapse _____- to stay alive after a particular incident
28firmly _____- in a strong manner

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