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Basic Knots and Uses

Sean Torrington

1OVERHAND KNOT _____Used in hauling timber
2GRANNY KNOT _____A valuable knot for strengtheningthe weak part of a rope
3SQUARE KNOT _____Used for tying a person or animal when it is important that the noose does not become tight
4SLIP KNOT _____Used for binding together parallel spars
5DOUBLE BOW _____Used whenever spars cross at an angle
6TWO HALF HITCHES _____Used in tying tent rope to pegs
7CLOVE HITCH _____Used when tying two ropes of different thickness
8BOWLINE _____Holds small sticks at right angles to long stick - useful in making table tops, seats etc.
9SHEET BEND _____Also known as reef knot. Used in first aid
10SHEEPSHANK _____Similar to the Square knot. Could be used in first aid
11FISHERMAN'S KNOT _____Used to fasten the end of a rope to a fixed object
12TIMBER HITCH _____Useful for tying two ropes together
13TAUT LINE HITCH _____A very common knot used by all. A starting knot
14SQUARE LASHING _____Used to secure the tent to a peg
15DIAGONAL LASHING _____Used to 'spring' two spars together
16ROUND or SHEAR LASHING _____Looses easily. used to hitch a horse to a post
17CONTINUOUS LASHING _____Common knot used to tie shoelaces

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