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the real st nick


a jolly bit of homework for your christmas cheer

st nicholas once known as asia minor
santa clause caring for someone
jovial santa clause for real
asia minor what st nick was before he was a saint
turkey in secret
sailors sneak around
dowrey hung by the chimney with care
discreetly fell asleep
obtained when santa comes to town
generous now known as turkey
stockings  spread the word about nicholas kind deeds
gold out of the ordianary
christmas eve kind and giving
dozed edge of
biship very happy
lurked got
fostering set free
extraordinary what the poor girl found in her stocking one day
rotund jolly
cede money paid so a woman could marry
old elf st. nicks other name
verge santa is a rgiht jolly one of these
liberated obese
giddy give up

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