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Tae Kwon Do Basics

Ken Cooper

English and Korean word match, with stance.

1Ah Rey Mocki _____Side; Side Stretch
2Ah Rey Gi Rugi _____Front; Middle block
3Moom Tong Mocki _____Side; Round Kick
4Moom Tong Gi Rugi _____Front; Low punch
5Al Gool Mocki _____Back; Two-handed Knife Hand Block
6Al Gool Gi Rugi _____Back; Outward knife hand strike, reverse punch
7Sonnal Ahn Chigi _____Back; Side middle block
8Sonnal Pakot Chigi _____Front; High block
9Hansonnal Packot Mocki _____Front; Front Kick
10Sonnal Mocki _____Side; Rear Kick
11Yup Mocki _____Back; Outward knife hand block
12Kawduraw Moom Tong Mocki _____Front; Low block
13Moom Tong Ahn Mocki _____Front; Inward knife hand strike
14Doong Jewmock Chigi _____Front; Front Stretch
15Ap Oligi _____Back; Two-handed Middle Block
16Ap Chagi _____Back; Back Fist Strike
17Pon Doll _____Back; Outward knife hand strike
18Yup Oligi _____Front; Crescent Kick
19Yup Chagi _____Front; Middle punch
20Tool Yoe Chagi _____Back; Inward Middle Block
21Dweet Chagi _____Front; High punch
22Yup Jin _____Side; Side Kick

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