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Coping feelings, behaviors, and thoughts that meet one’s own needs, but interfere with or deny the rights of others.
Balanced Thinking a person who believes that what and how we think are primarily responsible for our functioning.
Active Listening a distorted thinking process in which a person insists upon holding someone or something at fault for a problem or difficulty.
Behaviorist a persons overall evaluation of him or herself.
Goals a distorted thinking process in which individuals attribute events or other people’s reactions to themselves.
Motivation a distorted thinking process that generalizes a few details about people or events into an overall evaluation.
Nonjudgmental a distorted thinking process in which a person presumes to know what other people are thinking.
Self Esteem focusing on the positive aspects or benefits of negative data.
Approval a distorted thinking process that screens out the positive aspects of a situation, while focusing exclusively on the negative.
Cognitivist reaching a goal by moving toward it in small steps.
Imagined Rehearsal focusing on how things and events “are” rather than how they “should” be.
Reframing a person who believes that the external environment is primarily responsible for our functioning.
Shaping a distorted thinking process that is based on a list of uncompromising rules on how people must or ought to act.
Perfectionism feelings, behaviors, and thoughts that support one’s own needs without interfering with or denying the rights of others.
Contingent use of rewards providing a reward only after a desired behavior has occurred.
Global Labeling a way of communicating with others that attempts to understand and reflect verbally the feelings and point of view of another person.
Catastrphizing a distorted thinking process that reaches a general conclusion based on a single piece of evidence.
Filtering focusing equally on the positive and negative, and avoiding a one sided POV
Blaming adjusting to negative data.
Mind Reading feelings, behaviors, and thoughts that deny or negate one’s own needs in favor of others.
Overgeneralization an internal state that compels movement in a specific direction (AXC=B).
Personalization a dysfunctional belief that one should never make a mistake or be flawed in any way.
Shoulds a distorted thinking process in which future disaster is anticipated based on a single incident.
Being Right objectives to be attained that relate to a person’s values.
Polarized Thinking practicing a behavior in our “mind’s eye.”
Assertion a distorted thinking process that puts people, situations, or events in “either-or” categories, not allowing for a middle ground or compromise.
Aggression a dysfunctional belief that acceptance by others is a necessary condition for happiness and contentment.
Passivity a distorted thinking process in which a person refuses to acknowledge personal fallibility or error.

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