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Geometric Optics

Mike Hunt

* ,MMM8&&&. * MMMM88&&&&& . MMMM88&&&&&&& * MMM88&&&&&&&& MMM88&&&&&&&& 'MMM88&&&&&&' 'MMM8&&&' * /\/|_ __/\\ / -\ /- ~\ . ' \ = Y =T_ = / )==*(` `) ~ \ / \ / \ | | ) ~ ( / \ / ~ \ \ / \~ ~/ jgs_/\_/\__ _/_/\_/\__~__/_/\_/\_/\_/\_/\_ | | | | ) ) | | | (( | | | | | | | | | |( ( | | | \\ | | | | | | | | | | )_) | | | |))| | | | | | | | | | | | | | (/ | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |

incondesence  when light rays cross in front of the mirror or virtual image (where light rays cross inside of the mirror)
luminescence when light is emmited by a material that has not been heated
fluorescence is the image closer/farther/the same distance as the object in front of a mirror
phosphorescense is either larger/smaller/or the same size as the object in front of the mirror
chemiluminesence this occurs when parallel rays that reflect do not go through the focal point
bioluminescense a perpendicular line from the point of incidence
wavelength the item placed in front of the mirror
reflection a ray of light that starts at the point of incidence and it heads away from the surface
medium where the principal axis meets the mirror
incident ray light that is produced by biochemical reactions in living things
angle of incidents a mirror whose reflective surface curves outwards
normal line very much like fluorescence, but the material absorbing the UV light can emit visible light for minutes or hours
reflected ray a ray of light coming in towards a surface
angle of reflection the distance from one crest or trough to the next crest or trough of a wave
object when light is emmitted from a material because it gets hot from a high temperature of the material
image is the image upright or inverted?
plane mirror when light is released during a chemical reaction but without a rise in temperature
location a mirror whose reflecting surface curves inwards
orientation the angle between the reflected ray and the normal line
size the substance through which light travels, eg. air, water, vacuum
type the angle between the incident ray and the normal line
concave mirror a mirror with a flat reflective surface
principal axis the reflection of the item inside the mirror
focal point the point through which all parallel light rays reflect to in a concave mirror
vertex the change in direction of a light ray when it bounces off a surface
spherical abberation a line going through the centre of curvature and it is also a normal line
convex mirror when light is emmited because material is exposed to ultra-violet rays

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