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Latin Roots Quiz - Week 15

Mandy Buoni

Quiz for Latin words and definitions

1unus _____thousand
2duo _____year
3tres _____eight
4quattuor _____one
5quinque _____city
6sex _____hundred
7septem _____water
8octo _____three
9novem _____two
10decem _____ten
11centum _____six
12aqua _____sound
13mille _____mother
14annus _____tooth
15pater, patris _____five
16mater,matris _____arm
17frater, fratis _____head
18populus _____four
19urbs, urbis _____nine
20digitus _____see
21caput, capitis _____finger, toe, inch
22dens, dentis _____people
23manus _____body
24pes, pedis _____brother
25bracchium _____hand
26corpus, crporis _____foot
27sonus _____seven
28videp, visium _____father

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