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Literature & Terms Exam Review

Cee Jay

Literature and terms for exam. Match the definition.

1Protagonist _____Person against the protagonist on the other side of conflict
2Antagonist _____repetition of the first consonant sound of the word over a phrase, stanza, sentence, or paragraph; repeated three or more times usually
3Dynamic character _____implying events are about to happen, events will occur soon
4Static character _____turning point or high point of interest in the story
5Round character _____giving something nonhuman characteristics such as an object, animal, or idea
6Flat character _____saying one thing and meaning another; sarcasm
7First person _____A character that does not change like Snidley Whiplash, Tom & Jerry, villains in Scooby Doo, Nanny McPhee, Timon & Pumba
8Second person _____atmosphere the reader senses and feels through a work of literature
9Third person _____comparing two unlike things using "like" or "as"
10Personification _____a method writers use to develop a character; this happens through the use of description, actions, dialogue, and thoughts
11Alliteration _____sequence of events that is happening in the story
12Simile _____an exaggeration
13Metaphor _____Main character that deals with a conflict/problem
14Allusion _____Well-rounded person, wise, healthy outlook like Dr. Carlisle, Professor X, the Giver, Mary Poppins & Mufasa
15Foreshadowing _____Single characteristic emphasized like Patrick Star, Dory, Timon & Pumba
16Flashback _____some know something will happen while others do not
17Hyperbole _____comparison of two unlike things
18Mood _____emotion the author wishes to portray
19Tone _____main problem in the story _______ vs ______
20Verbal Irony _____YOU such as a commercial or the "Give Yourself Goosebumps" books where the story is told directly to the reader as if the reader is a character
21Dramatic Irony _____Narrator is a main character and telling the story to us, narrator is part of the story. We, Us, I, Me, Our
22Situational Irony _____explanations/descriptions that paint a picture in your head using the five senses
23Imagery _____Narrator tells about the characters and is outside the story. He, She, they, them, her, his , their
24Characterization _____something happens that surprises all, surprise twist
25Theme _____how the story ends
26Resolution _____moral/lesson of the story-tells us something about humans and life
27Climax _____A character that changes like Spiderman & Batman, Landon Carter
28Conflict _____a narrative technique that allows a writer to present past events during current events, in order to provide background for the current narration
29Plot _____reference to something from history, literature, or the Bible, usually indirect or brief references to well known things/people/events

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