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Chapter 9 vocab

Ben Jones

1demography _____the basic facilities and services that support a community, such as schools, roads, subways, power plant, water supplies,etc.
2life expectancy _____a model that describes how economic and social changes affect population growth notes
3infrastructure _____the study of population.
4urbanization _____the movement of people moving from rural areas to cities
5arable land _____the average number of years members of a populations are likely to live
6age structure _____land that can be used to grow crops
7survivorship _____the percentage of members of a population that are likely to survive to any given age
8least developed countries _____the distribution of ages in a specific population at a certain time
9fertility rate _____countries that shows the fewest sign of development in terms of income, resources, and economic diversifcation.
10demographic transition _____the number of babies born each year per 1000 women in a population
11migration _____the movement of individuals between areas

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