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Cognitive Distortions: Errors in Info Processing

Ashley Wilson

The Cognitive Behavioral Theory assumes that thoughts mediate external events and emotions. And therefore distress is caused by distorted thoughts about stimuli-giving rise to distressed emotions. Match the type of distorted thought to its description/example

Dichotomous Thinking "I always mess up..."
Making Unfair Comparisons Assuming events involve you
Selective Abstraction "If I think or feel this way, my thoughts/feelings must be correct"
Minimization Imagining worst case scenario
Magnivfication Seeing something as less important
Catastrophising When a detail is taken out of context and believed whilst everything else in the context is ignored.
Personalizing Seeing something as more important
Mind Reading Unwarranted inferences about others' thoughts
Over Generalizing Example: "Sarah and Jim never fight"
Confusing Fact with Feeling All good or all bad
Labeling "I'm a loser" vs "I made a mistake"

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