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Bible Things

Pastor Greg Lilly

Can you match the answer and clue?

Aceldama A collection of moral and religious maxims
Ai A Jewish settlement in Egypt
Antioch Teaches us about getting along with each other
Bethlehem The disciple also called the doubter
Bethany He was the 5th judge of Israel
Day of Pentecost Called the Potter's Field
Proverbs Messengers of God
Elihu The disciple who always put his foot in his mouth
Aaron The brother of Moses
Amos This group was called whited tombs by Jesus
Daniel The home of Mary, Martha, and Lazarus
Ezekiel One of the archangels
Isaiah Desert place south of Jerusalem
Blessed The Second Place attacked by the incoming Israelites under Joshua
Gideon A nickname Solomon gave to himself
Micah She came to the tomb of Jesus to anoint His body for burial
Jesus Revolted against Moses and Aaron
Angels This group wanted the power of God unleashed against the Romans
Nazareth Died because he lied
Stephen He could interpret dreams
Gaza The Holy Spirit descended upon believers, furnishing them for service
Ananias The apostle to the Gentiles
Gospel Said, "Lord, lay not this sin to their charge"
Greek Another term for teacher
Whosoever The place where the followers of Christ were first called Christians
Preacher His name means Jehovah is Salvation
Prayer This prophet told us where the Messiah would be born
Jezebel The birth place of David
Timothy This word mean to be happy
Hymenaeus The most evil woman to have ever lived
Master To show humility before God he walked the earth naked
Ant He overthrew the faith of some by teaching that the resurrection is past already
Bit Asking God for something
Core Shares the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ
Michael A good soldier of Jesus Christ
John Through him all nations would be blessed
Peter The disciple Jesus loved
Paul One of Job's friends
Abraham Also called the place of a skull
Thomas Prophet born in the Southern Kingdom, but ministered to the Northern Kingdom
Mary Magdalene He witnessed to his people although he could not speak
Cyrene Turns about a horses' body
Golgotha Refers to those who can be saved
Pharisees Town where Mary lived
Zealots Another term for Gentile

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