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Ch. 5 Seed Plants


Review for Science Test Ch. 5

seed plants plants coil around what they touch
pollen to reproduce
seed pollen falls onto the stigma, egg and sperm join in the ovule, ovule becomes the seed, ovary develops into a fruit that encloses the seed, see grows into a new plant
Parts of a seed growth response toward or away from a stimulus
germination embryo, stored food, cotyledons, seed coat
roots  a hormone produced by poants that speeds up plant cell growth. Wehn light shines on one side of a plant, auxin builds up on the shaded side causing faster growth and the plant leans toward the sun
fibrous roots water loss from leaves. Plants can close the stomata to reduce water loss on a hot day
tap root carry substances between the roots and leaves and provide support
how can seeds be dispersed a period when a organisms growth or activity stops
stems connects the stigma to the ovary
annual rings the process of seeds using stored food and beginning to grow
leaves capture sunlight to make food for the plant. They contain xylem and phloem.
stomata many similar sized roots in a tangled mass like grass or onions
transpiration have vascular tissue, use pollen and seeds to reproduce, have leaves, stems and roots
gymnosperms complete life cycle in 2 years. They grow leaves and stems one year and flower the next, foxglove and hollyhocks
the four groups of gymnosperms roots grow down in response to gravitiy
angiosperms plants that live more than 2 years trees, peonies
the function of flowers attach to fur or clothing, eaten by birds or bears and deposited in new areas, float on water, carried by wind, shot out of pods
petals "naked seed" seeds are not enclosed in a protective fruit. They are oldes type of seed plant, confiers are the most common, mamy have needle-like or scale like leaves and deep growing roots
sepals plants growing towards light
stamen cycads, conifers, ginkgoes, and gnetophytes
filament contains the eggs
another plants that complete their growing cycle in one year, marigold, peturnias
pistil thin stalk with the pollen top
stigma one grou of angiosperms that have 1 seed leaf, parallel leaf veins, scattered vascular tissue, flower parts in 3's or multiples of 3
style male reporductive part of the clower. It consists of filament and anther
ovary knob at the top of the stalk that makes pollen
pollination and fertilization attract insects to pollinate
monocotyledons plants that produce lowers, and produce seeds that are enclosed in a fruit , nearly all plants are angiosperms
dicotyledons contains tiny structures that will later become sperm cells. After the sperm cells fertilize the egg, a seed develops
tropisms leaf-like structures that protect the flower bed
phototropism female reproductive part of the flower that consists of stigma, style and ovary
thigmotropism anchor the plant and absorb water and minerals. They sometimes store food
gravitropism mouths on the underside of leaves
auxin a partially develped plant. It contains a young plant inside a protective covering that will begin to grow when conditions are right
dormancy sticky cap on the top of the style that pollen lands on
annuals are made of xylem. In the spring the growth is rapid, the ring is light colored and wide. The summer produces the dark color of the ring. 1 light +1 dark =1 year
perennials one long, thick main root like a dandelion or a carrot
biennials a group of angiosperms that have 2 see leaves, branching leaf veins, circle of vascular tissue, flower parts in 4's or 5's or multiples of 4 or 5

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