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GOVT Final


Overviews Executive Branch Information for Finals and includes other things as well.

Chief of State Let someone off the hook
Chief of Executive New Hamphshire
Chief Administrator Iowa
Chief Diplomat The power to appoint
Chief Legislator Order given by President
Chief of Party Mercy or leniency given to criminals
Chief of Citizen Recognize the existence of Other Nations
Executive Order Pardon to a whole group
Ordinance Power Architect of Public Policy (Chief)
Appointment Power Foreign Policy Architect (Chief)
The Removal Power loose recognition and diplomatic ties
Treaty Carries on Law (Chief)
Executive Agreement In charge of Federal Beuraucracy (Chief)
Recongition Official Agreement b/w 2 or more Heads of State
Personanongrata Rep. of US Abroad (Chief)
Reprieve Representative of the People's Interests (Chief)
Pardon Leader of Party (Chief)
Clemency The power to give an executive order
Commutation Power to reduce sentence of severity of a crime
Amnesty Postpone Execution
Gets First Primary The Power to remove some Pres. has Appointed
First Caucus Law power that senate has to approve to become official

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