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AIRC110 Piston Engine Terms

L Anderson

This Word Match Puzzle will help you to lear some of the common terms that we will be using during the course of this program.

1Piston _____Opens to allow fuel/air mixture into the cylinder
2Cylinder _____Link between the piston & the crankshaft
3Intake Valve _____Ignites fuel/air mixture in the cylinder
4Exhaust Valve _____Engine cylinder arrangement-most common
5Connecting Rod _____Ratio of air to fuel which will result in the most amt of energy transformation
6Crankshaft _____Engine cylinder arrangement-highest power:weight
7Camshaft _____Alternating current generator which generates spark
8Spark Plug _____Moves up & down in cylinder
9Magneto _____Receives power from pistons in all cylinders
10Flywheel _____Contains piston
11Starter Motor _____Electric motor which uses battery power to start engine
12Horizontally Opposed engine _____Exhaust-driven compressor that enables sea-level performance at altitude
13Radial engine _____Spins & opens intake & exhaust valves
14Turbocharger _____Mixes fuel & air
15Carburetor _____Large diameter geared wheel attached to end of crank
16Stoichiometric _____Opens to allow exhaust gasses out of cylinder

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