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Zebra Ice cream
Tiger Lettuce
Camel Milk
Bear Mango
Cheetah Muffin
Elephant Grapefruit
Lioness Pudding
Giraffe Corn
Monkey Cake
Lion Cantulope
Boar Popcorn
Deer Candy
Flamingo Turnip
Dolphin Onion rings
Penguin Rice
Emu Soup
Walrus Star fruit
Ostrich Garlic
Snake Honeydew
Peacock Broocoli
Sea lion Roll
Hedgehog Watermelon
Cougar French fries
Armadillo Tuna sandwich
Lizard Radish
Elk Kool aid
Toucan Waffle fries
Cassowary Pizza
Hippotamus Curly fries
Rhinoceros Soda
Panda Cherries
Orangutan Olive
Woodpecker Sundae
Kingfisher Brownie
Polar bear Ham
Pheasant Lemonade
Coyote Cupcake
Mongoose Omelet
Bullfrog Hamburger
Water dragon Strawberry
Opossum Lime
Piranha Whipped cream
Elephant calf Tomato
Springbok Sushi
Gibbon Banana
Sparrow Cream cheese
Pangolin Sweet potato
Binturong Kiwi
Stork Donut
Red panda Lollipop
Viper Ketchup
Fox Jelly beans
Ox Animal crackers
Newt Onion
Chameleon Carrot
Rooster Peanut butter
Guinea pig Sardines
Mammoth Spaghetti
Dinosaur Upside down cake
Quetzal Coconut

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