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american west cattlemen and cowboys

l webster

Cattle ranching began in bunkhouses
American civil war ended had to sleep out in all weathers
Sedalia fights between cattlemen over the rights to rivers and water holes
Charles Goodnight and Oliver Loving there was aterrible winter
Joseph McCoy by the 1870s
700,000 catle were being traded by patroled the herd made sure they were safe
ranches started to be built on open land on by 1880
John Iliff began to experiment built the first 'cow town' at Abilene in 1867
Cattle on the open range had to rounded up the cattle and took them on the long drive to the railway
Owners of of large herds were known as cowboys were banned from Abolene
Indians had been pushed into reservations a stampede
4 million cattle were kept on the northern plains cattle barons
cowboys employed by the cattle barons lived in 1865
cattlemen became the first whites to build homes on lower prices
the fall in the demand for beef in eastern cities resulted in Texas in 1830s
cattle being kept on the Plains resulted in was the first cattle trail
in the summers of 1883 and 1886 developed barbed wire in 1874
in the winter of 1886-87 1871
Joseph Glidden  there were droughts
the developement of wind pumps bought an end to rounded up the cattle and branded the new calves
the life of a cowboy in 'wild west shows' 'dime novels' and hollywood films  the Great Plains which was closer to the railway
the reality of a cowboys life  overstocking
one reason men became cowboys was opened a trail to take cattle to the army forts
in the winter months a cowboy hard, often boring and sometime danerous
in the spring a cowboy be branded to establish ownership
in the summer a cowboy  seemed glamorous
in 1872 there were few jobs and the pay could be good on a long drive
during the the drive cowboys  the cattle boom ended and the cowboys job changed
Sounds at night could spark   cross-breeding Longhorn catle with English breeds
in 1886-87 the high plains of Colorado,Nebraska Wyoming and Montana

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