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Root Words


Matching words with definitions that only include greek or latin root words.

1phototropic _____sound with lips
2lithograph _____make,do, stone
3television _____far away, see
4centimeter _____two,fold
5philologist _____turn,light
6zoophobia _____love,word
7synchronize _____fire, work,skill
8parenthesis _____place, beside
9kinetic _____look at, small
10consonant _____fear, animal
11microscope _____movement
12megaphone _____write, hand
13proverb _____throw, next to
14predict _____say, before
15adjective _____between, moon
16component _____put,together
17manuscript _____sound,big
18duplicate _____stone,draw
19triennial _____one, turn
20quadruped _____hundred,measure
21pyrotechnics _____four, foot
22solaster _____forward,word
23interlunar _____self,life, write
24petrified _____sun, star
25autobiography _____three, year
26universe _____together, time

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