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Joshua Mack

Things what light has to do with and things you need to make light.

Circuit A thing wich tells you if circuit is correct or not
Bulb Heavy and not bendy a big snapper
Croccidile Clips Only Hardtui can connect to this
Dotoborda Has lots of bc extra volts in it
Hardtui Only wires can connect to this
Buzzer You put batteries in this
scew You put Sasto in this
Spinner Hardtui can only go on this
Alarm Things you use to make a circuit
Power Station in a battery
Station Volt wich you can make a circuit with will not connect with anything else
Sasto Like a race track
Bulio Makes light when filliment isn't Broken
3 Ertvolt Like wire but not bendy
Volt You screw a bulb into this
Battery You put it in A power station
Milaln Very light and bendy has croccodile clips included

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