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Song & Singer

Joshua Mack

Song but who sings it

Black & Gold Passion Pit
Mas Que Nada Cheryl Cole
Under the Sheets Sammy
Radius Elie Goulding
Paddys Revenge Porter Robinsoin
Language Black eyed Peas Ft Sergio Mendes
Children TheTallerboy
Don't Surrender Steve Mac
Little Secrets Robert Miles
Dinosaur Rhianna Ft Jay Z
Climb High The Black Eyed Peas
Baby One More Time The Girly Team Ft Britney Spears
Umbrella Boeses Kacksten
Call My Name Passion Pit Ft Trot Trout
Thats Not My Name  Boeses Kacksten
I Gotta Feeling Ting Tings
Some Catchi'n Up To Do Sam Sapro

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