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Challenge #2 Word List - Grade 4 Blue Division

N. Bickley

obstacle continuing or enduring a long time
persistent to travel especially slowly
vanish one of the rings or separate pieces of a chain
artery lasting or continuing tenaciously
stocky a main channel or highway
ascend prevents progress
grove not permanent
lasting to stop up; restrict flow of water
hoard prompt; not late
trench anything infinite
mischievous a deep ditch
waver to disappoint the expectations of others
constellation playfully annoying
stable to quickly disappear from sight
found a building for lodging and feeding horses
dam a stingy or unhappy person
punctual a small orchard
betray to accumulate food or money
trek to sway to and from
ragged torn or worn to rags or full of rough sharp spots
donate to slant upward
miser solid and sturdy form or build
temporary to present as a gift or contribution
link a group of stars
abyss furnished or outfitted

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