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Chapter 15: The Year of Crisis

Mrs. Cena

1Theory of Relativity _____ Germany’s Government after WWI.
2Existentialism _____ Meeting of world powers in 2938 that allowed Hitler to take part of Czechoslovakia.
3Surrealism _____ A philosophy that says each person must make meaning in a world that has no universal meaning.
4Coalition Government _____ A political movement based on nationalism that gives power to a dictator and takes away individual rights.
5Weimar Republic _____ Temporary Alliance of several political parties
6The Great Depression _____ Art movement in which a dreamlike world, outside of reality, is portrayed or evoked.
7Fascism _____ As moving objects neared the speed of light, space and time became relative.
8Nazism _____ Severe economic downturn that followed the collapse of the US Stock Market in 1929.
9Isolationism _____ German fascism
10Munich Conference _____ A belief that political ties with other countries should be avoided.

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