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first aid a colorless, odorless, poisonous gas formed by incomplete combustion, such as in fire
bloodborne disease tissue damage cause by etreme cold
negligence n antiserum containing aintibodies against reptile or insect venom
airborne disease a disease in which the body is unable to use sugar normally because of a deficiency or taotal lack of insulin
cardiac arrest condition in which the bodys heat regulating ability becomes overwhelmed and ceases to function properly, resulting inan inability to sweat and a dangerously high body temperature
bandage a condition that occurs when several ribs in the area are broken in more than one place
venous bleeding breathing in foreign matter such as food, drink, or vomitus into the airway or lungs
dressing stretched or torn muscle
capillary bleeding when a victim suffers further injury or harm because the care that was given did not meet the standards expected
1st degree burn immediate care given to a suddenly ill or injured person
2nd degree burn death of a part of the heart muscle
3rd degree burn condition caused by the loss of the bodys water and salt through excessive sweating
anaphylaxis painful muscle spasms,often in the legs
shock a life-threatning allergic reaction
anterior nosebleed bleeding from the front of the nose
concussion usually occurs in superficial wounds (abraisons)
eye avulsion a temporary disturbance of brain activity cause by a blow to the head
sucking chest wound a blockage or rupture of arteries in the brain
flail chest forcible separation of the eyeball from its socket
sprain the sorting of patients into groups according to the severity of injuries. used to determine priorities for treatment and transport
strain use to cover dressing and to keep in place
stroke an acute viral infection of the central nervous system transmitted by the bite of an infected animal
heart attack a partial-thickness burn that extends through the skins entire outer layer and into the inner layer
diabetes a disease transmitted through an infected persons blood
antivenin medication to lessen inflammation and relieve irritation
rabies a chest wound that allows air to pass into and out of the chest cavity with each breath
aspiration Dark red blood that flows steadily or may ooze from the wound
carbon monoxide a full-thickness burn that penerates all the skin layers into the underlying fat and muscle
corticosteroid a sterile guaze pad or clean cloth covering
frostbite disease transmitted through the aie
heatstroke superficial burn that affects the skins outer layer
triage torn joint ligaments
heat cramps inadequate tissue oxygenation resulting form serious injury or illness
heat exhaustion when the heart stops beating

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