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AVID Vocabulary

AVID vocabulary

1Jubilation _____extra, more than enough, redundant
2Lobbyist _____secret, stealthy
3Longevity _____the act of agreement after a quarrel, the resolution of a dispute
4Mundane _____long life
5Nonchalant _____apprentice, beginner
6Novice _____complaining, irritable
7Opulent _____dried up, shriveled
8Orator _____shallow, depthless
9Ostentatious _____quick to recover, bounce back
10Parched _____joy, celebration, exultation
11Perfidious _____careful, cautious
12Precocious _____hard to detect or describe, perspective
13Pretentious _____preferring to live in siolation
14Procrastinate _____person who seeks to influence political events
15Prosaic _____considerate, skilled in acting to avoid offense to others
16Prosperity _____lacking authenticity, false
17Provocative _____wealthy
18Prudent _____showy, displaying wealth
19Querulous _____verify, confirm, provide evidence
20Rancorous _____careful, cautious
21Reclusive _____determined, keeping a firm grip on
22Reconciliation _____tending to meekness, to submit to the will of others
23Renovation _____unusually advanced or talented at an early age
24Resilient _____to observe carefully
25Sagacity _____respected because of age
26Scrutinize _____bitter, hateful
27Spontaneity _____calm, casual, seemingly unexcited
28Spurious _____tending to provoke a response e.g. anger or disagreement
29Submissive _____relating to prose; dull, commonplace
30Substantiate _____wisom
31Subtle _____to clear from blame or suspicion
32Superficial _____wealth or success
33Superfluos _____to end an activity, e.g. to prevent the dissemination of information
34Supress _____ordinary, commonplace
35Surreptitious _____temporary, short-lived, fleeting
36Tactful _____faithless, disloyal, untrust worthy
37Tenacious _____to unnecessarily delay, postpone, or put off
38Transient _____lecturer, speaker
39Venerable _____impulsive action, unplanned events
40Vindicate _____repair, making something new again
41Wary _____pretending to be important, intelligent, or cultured

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