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Lesson one vocabulary matching


Write the number of the correct answer in the blank provided.

1Felicitous _____TO take (power, rights, position) by force, wrongfully, or without rights
2Vernacular _____to emphasize; hwighten the effect of; to pronounce or mark with an accent
3Provocative _____the native language or dialect of a counry or region; everyday or informal language
4Comprehensive _____Well chosen for the occasion; appropriate; apt; having an agreeable or deligthful manner of writing or speaking
5Intricacy _____having more than one possible meaning; unclear
6Introspective _____Wide scope; inclusive; thorough
7Usurp _____stimilating; pushing or tending towards action, thought, or strong feeling
8accentuate _____given examination of one's own thoughts and feelings
9Ambiguous _____condition or state of being complex, involved, elaborateness
10Rhetorical _____the effective use of words designed to be impressive; showy

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