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Biology 1


Adaptation proposed explanation or answer to a scientific question
hypothesis observations and measurements recorded during an experiment
Data Basic unit of life
System Variety of life within an area
Independent variable Proposed explanation for a wide variety of observations and experimental results
Homeostasis Condition that is controlled so that it does not change during an experiment
Ecosystem Scientific study of all forms of life
organism Experimental data collected through observation and measurement
DNA Changing, organized group of related parts that intereact to form a whole
Observation Inherited trait that is selected over time because it allow organisms to better survive in their environment
Evolution process that tests a hypothesis by collecting information under controlled conditions
Biodiversity Using the senses to study the world; using tools to collect measurements; examining previous research results
Dependent variable Collection of organisms and non-living things such as climate, soil, water, and rocks in an area
Metabolism Condition or factor that is manipulated by a scientist during an experiment
Biology Molecule that stores genetic information in all organisms
Constant Any individual living thing
Cell All chemical process that synthesize or break down materials within an organism
Species Change in species over time; process of biological change by which descendants come to differ from their ancestors
Theory Regulation & maintenance of constant internal conditions in an organism
Biosphere All organisms & the part of the earth where they exist
Experiment A group of organisms so similar to one another that they can breed & produce fertile offspring

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